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Hotel Exterior Lighting Installations

A complete hotel exterior lighting upgrade.  Design and installation by Techniserve Limited.

Hotel Exterior Lighting Installations Left Image
Hotel Exterior Lighting Installations Right Image

We were asked to investigate and provide a solution for the existing hotel exterior lighting which was only partially working, and not fully lighting the building.

Techniserve Limited set to work designing a complete replacement lighting scheme, aimed at highlighting the excellent architecture of this modern building and most crucially, saving energy.

A new scheme of super high efficiency LED lighting was proposed using an array of flood lighting to maximum effect on the 7 storey exterior.



After presenting the energy savings calculations, it became apparent that the cost of the new installation would actually pay for itself within 3 years due to the massive amount of energy being saved.

The results were amazing!  We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback from our client and their customers!

As you can see from the photos taken by our engineer on the first night of power up, it really does look fantastic.

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