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Emergency Lighting Certification and Upgrade

Emergency lighting testing, upgrade and repair work followed by full NICEIC certification.

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Emergency lighting in residential blocks of flats or tower blocks of appartments is required so that in the event of a power failure the exit route(s) are provided with enough light for safe movement. 

Exits themselves are also required to have either a self-contained emergency light sign or can alternativly have a seperate sign with the emergecncy light casting light upon it.  These signs are familiar to most of us; they are the green 'running man' type typically found about exits and any change in direction.



Techniserve has been entrusted with the task of certification and repair of numerous emergency lighting installations throughout the UK.  These properties range from small blocks of flats up to large tower block installations with several stairwells and exits.

Each self contained emergency luminaure should function for 180 Minutes (3 Hours) in the event of a power failure.  Regular on site testing ensures that any which do not function for the full rated duration are noted on the report and are either repaired or replaced with new.

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